Lopi – Endeavor Wood Stove

Lopi – Endeavor Wood Stove

  • Heating Capacity 1,200 to 2,000 Sq. Feet
  • Heat Output 72,400 BTU’s / Hour
  • Steady State Efficiency Up to 78.8%
  • Maximum Burn Time Up to 10 Hours
  • Firebox Size 2.2 Cubic Feet
  • Maximum Log Size 18″
  • Emissions: 1.9 Grams Per Hour
  • Weight: 448 Pounds with Legs
  • Construction: 5/16″ to 3/16″ Steel Plate
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The Endeavor has been Lopi’s best selling wood stove since 1984 because it combines form and function with an unbeatable heat transfer system. The Endeavor wood stove is ideal for heating medium to large sized homes up to 2,000 square foot. It features one of the cleanest-burning fireboxes of any mid-size stove at 1.9 grams per hour. Its firebox is also deeper than most and can accommodate logs lengthwise, up to 18” for longer burn times. The Endeavor also offers the closest clearance of any wood stove in the industry – as close as 4 1⁄4” to a rear combustible surface. In addition, a bypass damper makes startups easy and prevents smoke-backs during reloading. Alcove and Mobile Home approved. One of the great features of a Lopi wood stove is the cooktop surface. Not only will your Lopi wood stove heat your home – even during power outages, but it also gives you a wonderful cooking surface to prepare food. The Endeavor wood stove comes available with GreenStart, our patent-pending ignition system for the modern wood burner; just load your wood and push a button! We’ve completely eliminated slow, cracked open door startups and laboring over fickle newspaper.

Endeavor Wood Stove Options:

  • Choice of Legs or Pedestal
  • 160 CFM Convection Fan
  • Outside Air Kit
  • Choice of Black, Pewter or Brass Door
  • GREEN START Igniter

How LOPI Wood Stoves Work

  1. Pre-heated air wash cleans the glass like a self-cleaning oven; a steady stream of fresh air enters the stove, gets hot as it is drawn up the heated internal air chamber, and then travels through a screened air wash which diffuses and evenly distributes air across the glass, keeping smoke and ash particles away.
  2. Pre-heated secondary combustion air is delivered to the stainless steel secondary combustion tubes which increases efficiency by introducing oxygen to the firebox and promotes re-burn of most of the smoke and gases for added heat that would otherwise line your flue as creosote and exit your chimney as smoke.
  3. The heavy-duty masonry baffle holds and radiates heat back into the firebox for more efficient and complete combustion.
  4. An optional convection fan is available to speed up the circulation of convective heat throughout your home. A convection fan is ideal for quicker more efficient heating, or for homes with high ceilings, or a home with an open floor plan.
  5. Convection chamber naturally draws cold room air in at the bottom of the unit, circulates it around the stove and returns it to the room heated. As the stove heats up air flow actually increases, delivering more heated air into your home.
  6. Our medium and large units feature a bypass damper which temporarily re-routes smoke behind the masonry baffle when engaged. The bypass assists faster fire start-up as well as preventing smoke from escaping through the door when loading wood.
  7. Lopi stoves feature a large capacity convection chamber which enhances the heat transfer by gently circulating heated air to adjoining rooms,
    while still offering radiant heat that warms the room and the objects in it.
  8. Our wood stoves also provide a great cook top surface. The cook top surface can be used to warm soup, heat up hot cocoa or for scented potpourri. Our medium and large stoves give you both a cook top and warming surface, so not only will your stove heat your home during a power outage, you can also cook on it.


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