Fireplace Gallery has just remodeled, to handle the best Grills in the BBQ biz!

Most people don’t know that Grills are part of the “Fire” industry (Fireplace Shops). So, what better place to light your grill fire, than a fireplace store? Don’t get your grill from a pool/ spa or water place!

Fireplace Gallery is part of a chain of the largest Hearth and BBQ stores in Michigan! We are Grill Guys! Mike Smalligan has been in the Grill industry for over twenty years and knows Grills. Come see Mike and the Team at Fireplace Gallery for all your grilling needs.

Delta Heat Grills are produced in the same factory, by the same company that produces The top-of-the-line, Twin Eagles Grills. Delta heat combines Twin Eagles level of quality in a simpler package, with all the cooking ability and a lessor price tag. Delta Heat Grills are for the homeowner who isn’t going to settle for a cheap Chinese import grill, built into their beautiful Outdoor kitchen, only to have it rot out in three years.

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More About Delta Heat Grills!

Delta Heat grills are designed by America’s Top Restaurant Kitchen engineer (This man designs Kitchens for huge production places, such as Vegas hotels!). This is commercial cooking products, made with the top grade food quality stainless steel, that can withstand all of Michigan’s harshest weather conditions, year-round! Fireplace Gallery staff has been involved in many projects that literally on right on Lake Michigan shoreline property, on the beach side. These grills are subject to the worst weather Michigan can offer, and won’t rot out, or go bad! If you want the best, come see Fireplace Gallery for a Delta heat Grill Outdoor kitchen. We can design any Outdoor Kitchen arrangement, that fits your needs and budget. Learn more about their products here!

The first outdoor gas grill was introduced to the consumer in 1960.First Outdoor Gas Grill The round design grill was a 22 1/2″ in diameter with a hood that was a standard design for charcoal grills of the period. The brand name was “Perfect Host”.


Proud to Serve West Michigan

We serve the entire West Michigan area for your Fireplace and Stove needs, including Grand Rapids and all surrounding towns, such as Rockford, Ada, East Grand Rapids, Cascade, Caledonia, Byron Center, Zeeland, Holland, Saugatuck, Allegan, South Haven, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Coopersville, Muskegon, Whitehall, and more!